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XCEL Performance and Fitness (XPF) offers comprehensive performance training and adult fitness programs for those wanting to take their quality of life above and beyond.  XPF’s research and result-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goal, whether it be sports performance, nutrition, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle.

Performance Training

Peak performance is more than ideal for an athlete to acheive results. XCEL Performance and Fitness specializes in offering tailored sessions to athletics of all types. 

Pure Strengthening

Sometimes it simply takes strength. Strengthening can prove to be challening when trying to balance maximum performance while preventing injury. Need professional strength coaching?

Overall Success

Charles Loftis, PT, DPT, CSCS, USAW-L1SP is a certified professional with both experience and passion for his work. If you have needs or inquiries please feel free to contact for more information of how XCEL Performance and Fitness can help you.

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